Chef Hats

Printed chef hats are available!  Call 800-257-1107 for pricing and details.

Demonstrating professionalism and experience, chef hats are a staple in most kitchens.  Higher heights reflect greater experience.  Originally the number of pleats on a hat represented the number of ways a chef could prepare an egg.  While this criteria may be old fashioned, our line of chef hats is not.  Designed for both form and function, these hats provide a comfortable fit and effective barrier protection.  Available in several different styles, heights, and materials take a look at the selection below and pick your favorite style!  With Direct-2U, its sure to be a winner, an excellent value, and at a low cost!  Feel free to contact us directly with any questions!  We are very user friendly and welcome your inquiries and comments!  Whether you are looking for a LeClassic style a LeFlute style or LeFlair style we are sure to have what you are looking for!